Yenisey. 100 Most Creative Russians — это выдающиеся личности и команды, которые сегодня формируют креативный сектор экономики Красноярского края.

1. What are the goals of the Yenisey. 100 Most Creative Russians project

We consolidate the creative industries of the Krasnoyarsk Krai, form an idea of this new industry among investors, the state and the international community.

2. Why did these particular people make it on the list?

The list was compiled by the analytical group of the project based on a survey of more than 200 experts from 12 areas of the creative industries. The criteria and stages of selection are detailed in the Methodology section.

3. What are the creative industries??

A creative economy is based on the capitalization of intellectual property in all areas of human activity — scientific, technical, cultural and creative activity in general. Creative industries are the core of the creative economy.

Creative industries are areas of activity in which companies, organizations, associations and individual entrepreneurs, in the process of creative and cultural activity, disposal of intellectual property, produce goods and services that have economic value, including those that ensure the formation of a harmoniously developed personality and the growth of quality of life of Russian society.

(The definitions are taken from the Concept for the development of creative industries, as well as the mechanisms for the implementation of state support regarding large and mega urban agglomerations until 2030.)

4. Why do creative industries matter?

Today, it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world’s largest economies. For instance, In Germany, creative industries ranked third in terms of gross value added in 2018, behind automotive and mechanical engineering.

In the United Kingdom, the growth rate of the creative sector is almost double the average growth rate of the national economy.

The contribution of cultural and creative industries in Germany to the gross value added compared to other sectors of the economy in 2018, bn. euros.

5. What are the benefits of creative industries for the economy?

Creative industries play an important socio-economic role, contributing to the sustainability of the economy and society. The creative industries serve as an environment that fuels the economy with new ideas and products, and creates new high-value jobs. In general, the creative sector contributes to the transition from a commodity economy to a knowledge economy.

6. How are creative industries already affecting the economic performance in Russia?

Russia does not yet keep detailed economic records of creative industries. Today Russia’s creative economy generates, by various estimates, about 1-3% of GDP.

Areas of research