1. How was the Yenisey. 100 Most Creative Russians list put together?

The final list is based on a survey of more than 200 influencers and experts. The study was carried out in several stages. Each stage was taken into account in the total score of the participants.

Stage 1

Identifying and interviewing influencers in all major areas of the creative industries

Stage 2

Collecting data from industry experts

Stage 3

Data Analysis

Stage 4

Voting by members of the expert commission

2. Why so many stages?

Thanks to the research structure, we can take into account the different points of view of both figures within the creative industries and outside experts.

The creative sector is deeply involved in various spheres of the economy and everyday life, so the expert committee includes specialists from other fields, such as: sociology, psychology, investment, public administration, media.

3. What are the criteria for selection?

The experts are guided by the following criteria:

4. What areas of creative industries are on the list?

The following areas have been selected for research in 2022:

  • Design: product, communication, fashion
  • IT, software and video game industry
  • Cinematography, videography and photography
  • Visual Arts
  • Publishing
  • Performing arts
  • TV and radio
  • Architecture
  • Museums, galleries, creative clusters
  • Gastronomy
  • Music
  • Advertising and marketing